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Find Your Blissful Glow at Merum!

Skincare centered on Holistic Wellness driven by proven science, effective skin technology, and expert skin therapist.  


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The HydraFacial is a three part regimen that uses patented Vortext-Fusion technology to cleanse, exfoliate, and then infusing skin with intensive serums. Treatment concludes by bathing the skin with nourishing hydration and antioxidants for the ultimate glow and the best skin of your life.

Signature Hydrafacial®

50 min
| 169  Ritual Member


Lux Hydrafacial®

60 min
275 | 1
95 Ritual Member


Ultimate Hydrafacial®

80 min
325 | 269 Ritual Member

Combine holistic and Hydrafacial patented vortex-fusion technology, three-step treatment - deeply cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin with super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to combat fine lines and stimulate collagen production.

A refreshing treatment that deeply cleanse, extract impurities and revitalize the skin with hydrating antioxidants. The Lux include corrective and targeted boosters to yield visible results. This is coupled with professional strength therapeutic light energy to treat the skin from within.

The ultimate Hydrafacial experience! Begin with soothing Lymphatic Drainage to reduce puffiness and provide the appearance of lifting and contouring. Next, reveal smooth texture and vibrant skin clarity with a purifying cleanse, gentle chemical peel and pain free extractions. Finally, targeted boosters and LED therapy enhance results for personalized skin concerns.

Add - On Booster Level:      Single Booster 20           Double Booster 35            Triple Booster 55

PureLift® Microcurrent  


  • Muscle stimulation to deeply activate and elevate your facial muscles for a fuller, more youthful face. Triple-Wave Technology.

  • The first wave (low frequency) has an anesthetic effect

  • The second wave (mid frequency) works in the dermis layer

  • The third wave (high frequency) reaches deep to the facial muscles.

LightStim® Light Therapy


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promote collagen production

  • Temporarily increase blood

  • Treats mild to moderate acne

  • Reduce Inflammation

Add - On Treatments:  Gua Sha 10       Scalp Massage 10        TLC Eye 15        TLC Lips 15         Dermaplane  40
Hair Removal:            Eyebrow Clean-up (No wax) 15        Wax Combo Brows/Lip 30    
Wax Brows 35        Wax Lip 15         Wax Chin 10

The Facial Sanctuary

Why Merum Face Bar



We believe the treatment, healing, and nurturing of your face is an essential part of self-care.

star image.


Our Expert Skin Therapist are obsessed with face care. We would love to be your expert skin soul crew!!


our facial image.

Holistic approach combined with results driven products and technology. Thoughtfully curated into a simple treatment menu.


home image.

A Bohemian Dream.  An intimate sanctuary for EVERYONE focusing on face-care rituals to get your soulful glow. An inspired oasis to spiritually renew from the digital world outside.



 Relaxing environment with straight forward

pricing menu. No sales person, only knowledgeable Skin Therapist to assist you with your skincare goals.



Our skincare obsession goes beyond just amazing products and expert estheticians. We even invested in a hardwater filtration system for use in all of our facials.


our products image

Combination of Science + Botanical + Organic Products to promote skin health. All of our body butters and sugar scrubs are handmade in house from 100% essential oil.



Inspire your healing journey with unique and delectable Herbal Teas

and Fortified Honey that work with the body’s natural process to promote skin radiance, relieve stress, and enhance vitality.

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