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Spirit. Skin. Sanctuary.

Merum offers a space to spiritually renew from the daily digital world outside. The aesthetic is a clean minimalist design with a juxtaposition of raw wood and refined elements.


A 10-foot indoor water fountain to help drown out the “noise’ outside. Copper sconces mimicking the colors of a beautiful sunset. The cabana area is hung with white linen curtains illuminated by Moroccan chandeliers.  These elements are a catalyst for the ultimate mini-retreat, while our trained experts heal, treat, and nurture your face and comfort with their touch.

Merum fills the void between a med spa and a luxury spa. Holistic and Results-Driven. Merum offers high-quality facials and skin education with add-on offerings such as professional LED,  microdermabrasion, microneedling, dermaplaning, and more.


Where Glam-Care is not forgotten in the world of Wellness. Merum offers high-quality lash applications. Less time spent on make-up and more time on self-care.

A simple service menu with upfront pricing.


We are committed and passionate about skincare as we continually seek out and find highly effective products and technology to bring to you. We would love Merum Face Bar to be your URBAN HIDEAWAY.




Share Love. Live Well.


Team Merum



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