The Inside Scoop on Merum

(We know, this is a lot to read, but we are just passionate about skincare and have a lot to share!)


We wanted to fill the void between a med spa and an expensive spa. We wanted an oasis, inviting and non intimidating, where everyone can get a high-quality facial and skin education with add-on offerings such as professional LED, microcurrent, and microdermabrasion at an accessible price.


A space where continuous training and customer care is a priority, where the menu and price are upfront and simple. A space where we can Snooze while our skin gets Renewed. So, because of all of these WANTS and not finding it, it led us on a path to create Merum Face Bar.


We looked at many locations in Collin County and end up selecting Watters Creek in Allen because of it's beautiful Eco-friendly shopping center. We love the small, quaint town feel that this amazing city has to offer.



There was a lot of thought (many sleepless nights) and love (sweat & tears) in the creation of Merum. From the designing and building of Merum from ground up, to creating the skincare ritual menu, and the hiring & training of our talented estheticians. Every step was done with meticulous love and detail. We can’t wait to share what our hard work, passion, and love has created. 


Inside is an oasis to spiritually renew from the daily digital world outside. The aesthetic is a clean minimalist design with a juxtaposition of raw woods and refined elements.


The interior is inspired by coastal and exotic locations. A 10 feet indoor water fountain to help drown out the “noise’ outside.


Copper sconces mimicking the colors of a beautiful beach sun set. The cabana area is hung with white linen curtains illuminated by Moroccan chandeliers.  


An aromatherapy bar for sampling our in-house natural body butters and sugar scrubs infused with essential oils that will give you the ultimate sensorial experience.


These elements are catalyst for the ultimate mini retreat, while our expert trained estheticians heal, treat, and nurture your face and comfort with their touch.



Skincare rituals centered by Holistic Wellness driven by science, effective skin technology, and expert skin therapist is an essential part of self-care.  

We are committed and passionate about skincare as we continually seek out and find highly effective products & technology to bring to you. We would love Merum Face Bar to be your URBAN HIDEAWAY.



Share Love. Live Well. Get Facials.


Merum Face Bar Team