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Find Your Blissful Glow !

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Discovery Ritual Includes : Double cleanse, steam, high frequency, curated mask, and holistic lymphatic facial massage. Light extraction included in 40 & 50 min treatment.

Discovery facials are done in the cabana area. This design was thoughtfully created for individuals who prefer the semi-open space environment.

Discovery Ritual
Cabana area

Tell me more...

Alchemy Ritual
Private Rooms and Cabana Area
Alchemy Ritual Includes: Double cleanse, steam, high frequency, light extractions, curated mask, holistic lymphatic facial massage, AND PLUS shoulder & neck massage. 


Alchemy Facials are done in the private rooms and extends to cabana area if private rooms are completely booked.

Balancing Act
50 Min| 85

Enzyme Peel +

Select LightStim® ProPanel LED or Purelift® Microcurent

Exfoliation to reveal a healthy glow.

Face Lyft

50 Min| 95

Professional Peel +

Select LightStim® ProPanel LED

or Purelift® Microcurent

Light to medium level peels tailored for your skin.

Baby's Bum

50 Min| 105

Bio-Brasion® +

Select LightStim® ProPanel LED or Purelift® Microcurent


Gentle exfoliation using crystal-free diamond tip with a low-suction...


50 Min| 75


Professional Grade Enzymes

Exfoliate and hydrate to help renew the skin. Maximize time on the face. No robes or dark rooms, just kick off your shoes and embrace more me time in the cabana!

The Kingsman
50 Min| 75

Mason Beard Therapy

Focus on ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. Includes enzyme/or lactic acid peel, high-frequency to zap acne-causing bacteria, and vitamin-enriched serums for a boost of hydration.

Mini Rituals

Mini Baby's Bum               30 Min| 75

Mini Face Lyft                     30 Min| 65

On the GO but need a GLOW.

Maximum impact on minimal time.

Teen Major 

40 Min| 65

Enzyme Peel



Facials for teenagers ages 14 -18. 

Spot - Defy
50 Min| 95

Professional Peel + LightStim® ProPanel LED


Acne treatment facial.

Blissful Glow
50 min | 135 

Geneo® 3-in-1

Super Facial

Exfoliation, skin oxygenation,and deep facial rejuvenation...

Renew and Snooze

Enzyme Peel                

Profession Grade Peel  



I want it all! More me time with a boost of high tech.

Select Two Add-Ons:


*LightStim™ LED Therapy to 

  stimulate collagen production

*PureLift® Microcurrent for facial 

  sculpting  & toning

*HydroJelly Mask

​80 Min  | 120

80 Min  | 135

80 Min  | 145

Glow in Peace
80 Min| 210

Geneo® 3-in-1 Super Facial

Light Focus                    30 Min | 65             

​LightStim® + Bio Masque

Optimize the benefits of LED therapy with our mini sessions. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and treats mild to moderate acne



Light Focus LightStim®

PureLift® Microcurrent           

Electrolyte-Infused HydroJelly      

Extra Care Eye Treatment          

Extra Care Lip Treatment                 



25     15    15    

Wax Away

Combo Brows & Lip





10    10    25   

The Facial Sanctuary




We believe the treatment, healing, and nurturing of your face is an essential part of self-care.

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Our Expert Skin Therapist are obsessed with face care. We would love to be your expert skin soul crew!!


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Holistic approach combined with results driven products and technology. Thoughtfully curated into a simple treatment menu.


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A Bohemian Dream.  An intimate sanctuary for EVERYONE focusing on face-care rituals to get your soulful glow. An inspired oasis to spiritually renew from the digital world outside.



 Relaxing environment with straight forward

pricing menu. No sales person, only knowledgeable Skin Therapist to assist you with your skincare goals.



Our skincare obsession goes beyond just amazing products and expert estheticians. We even invested in a hardwater filtration system for use in all of our facials.


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Combination of Science + Botanical + Organic Products to promote skin health. All of our body butters and sugar scrubs are handmade in house from 100% essential oil.



Inspire your healing journey with unique and delectable Herbal Teas

and Fortified Honey that work with the body’s natural process to promote skin radiance, relieve stress, and enhance vitality.


Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms

962 Watters Creek Blvd

Allen, TX 75013


Mon             Closed

Tues             12 pm - 4pm

Wed - Fri      12pm - 6pm

Sat - Sun       11am - 6pm


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