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Geneo®3-in-1 Super Facial

Combines gentle exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and deep facial rejuvenation infused with essential revitalizing nutrients for a more radiant glowing skin, improvements on texture, tone, and appearance. NO vacuum pressure, designed for delicate capillaries and skin.


Bio-Brasion® Trinity

Gentle wet/dry exfoliation using crystal-free diamond tip with a low-suction abrasion that sweeps over the skin infusing skin correcting treatment. You may never want to go back to the old microdermabrasion method.

Bio Brasion: The Reason Microdermabrasion Is So Over


LightStim® LED Light Therapy

LightStim LED light therapy delivers light energy in the similar way plants absorbs light energy from the sun. LightStim emits UV-free, beneficial light energy to the skin. When beneficial light is applied directly to the skin it can reduce fine lines, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne. Trusted by plastic surgeons and dermatologist for over a decade. FDA approve. Manufactured in USA.



Professional exfoliation using a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dull, dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling smoother and allows greater penetration of skincare products.


Recommended for all skin types except those with acneic skin.
Dermaplaning is only performed on the face and is not meant for shaping eyebrows.

If you have deep cystic acne, wait until breakouts are clear before trying this treatment.


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Exceed Microneedling

Minimally invasive treatment to stimulate collagen production to help fill fine lines, improve acne scars, smooth out large pores, and brighten the skin.  


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Scarlet SRF Microneedling

FDA-approved, Scarlet RF is one of the safest systems in the field, combining radiofrequency (SRF) with micro-needling to enhance collagen production, increase skin density, improve firmness, and decrease wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, acne, acne scarring, and large pores.

With minimal downtime, the Scarlet targets virtually any skin issue. 


​Developed by the researcher behind the Na Effect, Scarlet RF is the first and original short pulse micro-needling RF treatment of its kind.  


Scarlet is patented not only in America, but also in 70 other countries, in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and South America. Recommended for all skin types except those with acneic skin.

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Bio Brasion
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